Wasteless Food

WasteLess, an Environment Lethbridge project, develops resources and participates in events that inform the Lethbridge community about waste and inspire actions to waste less. The WasteLess committee, formed in 2015, is comprised of a group of skilled volunteers, environmental scientists and communicators all supported by Environment Lethbridge staff. WasteLess supports and complements municipal efforts to achieve a target, set in 2013, of a 65% reduction in household waste disposed of in our landfill by 2030. 

The “Waste in YQL” webpage, launched in 2017 with the “WasteLess Food” page added in 2019, introduces the problem of waste in Lethbridge – we are among some of the most wasteful on the planet – and identifies and promotes simple things to do to waste less. The webpage provides strategies for reducing household food waste including meal-planning, savvy shopping, improving cooking techniques and storing food properly. Check out the “Community Leaders” profiles posted on the WasteLess.ca website. They showcase actions by approximately two dozen local businesses and organizations to waste less.

Visit the Wasteless website for tips and tricks to reduce your food waste footprint.