Custom Indoor Grow

Looking for a way to grow your vegetables or plants year round? Custom Indoor Grow might just have the supplies and answers you need. You can grow your own food that is cheaper and way better than what you kind in the stores year round, all right in your basement.  As Lethbridge’s only gardening store geared towards indoor growing, they can provide you with the set up you need to turn your house into a lush garden. With everything from grow lights to tropical plant supplies, they can help you turn your plain old desert home into one filled with greens of all kinds. 

Custom Indoor Grow is happy to answer your questions including:

Can I really grow vegetables in my basement?

What can I grow?

What are the start up and on going costs?

Visit them on Facebook or drop by their store at 1269 2nd Ave S or call (403)-330-3013 for more info.